Sneak Peek Preview Of Latest News & Track Drops – Storytime Ep 15

Join Audie B on her #storytimewithAudieb for a Sneak Peek on all the latest upcoming news, track drops and exciting things coming!!

LIVE- Daily Walk & Positive Thoughts – Storytime Ep 14

Audie B on her walk chatting about benefits of outdoors activity, sports, for mental and physical health and wellbeing. POsitive quotes, insight and sharing!

Music, Songwriting & inspiration – Music making during lockdown – Storytime Ep 13

Audie B Live from lockdown in France where she is right now to chat about how she’s still making music, writing songs, working on music from quarantine. What equipment, keyboards etc she had and tools available to work on her music? How she finds inspiration? How she’s collaborating overseas and with overseas artists while being in lockdown….

Health & Beauty Hacks – Get Ready With Me – Makeup Sess ByAudieB – Storytime Ep 12

Get ready with Audie B – makeup tutorial on how to get that going out look, that stage makeup look, and casual everyday look, in 10 minutes!!

Hot Topics & Audie B news – Storytime With Audie B– Storytime Ep 11

Catch up on this month’s events, chat about hot topics and ask Audie B any questions on this months recap and storytime with Audie B !

Music, Songwritting & Inspiration – Vocal training For Rappers – – Storytime Ep 10

On this Sunday, Audie B is sharing tips and tricks for vocal training for rappers. Vocal training, breathing, stamina is just as important for all artists so here’s some of her tips and tricks. If you have anything you want to discuss drop it in the comments below!!

Health & Beauty Hacks – Home Remedy Hair Growth & Care – Storytime Ep 9

This storytime by Audie B this was about health hacks, on an episode of Home remedy health hair growth hacks and care all the healthy home products you can use for ruined hair dry hair, colored hair care and more!! That really work!!

Health & Beauty Hacks – Staying Fit As An Artist – Storytime Ep 8

Audie B is sharing all her beauty, lifestyle, and health tips and hacks 🖤 from home remedies to homemade hair masks to staying healthy while being vegetarian (she’s been veggie since her childhood) to staying fit in these times of pandemic and lockdowns.


Full Live concert replay from her performance for the Encore Charity Concert on the 15th sept 2020, live from home lockdown quarantine!

Join me on Daily Life (Causes & Values I stand for) – Storytime Ep 7

Audie B female rapper, chat about values and what she stands for. Audie B, female rap artist, also dancer and songwriter, is also engaged with the community on smaller and larger levels,
engaged with ecological and certain political issues & in this live shares with you this live to discuss also what she believes in.

Life On Stage And On Tour – Behind The Scenes Talk – Storytime Ep 6

In this storytime, Audie B talks about all things backstage and behind the scenes, life on tour, and life on stage. She wil be discussing experiences from tour life as a dancer in france, being on daily stage shows on cruise ships, to how to prepare for shows, and whats life like being on stage all the time, especially today through her music, but also since covid how things have shifted!

Life After Covid As An Artist In the Music industry – Storytime Ep 5

To all artists and people in the music industry, dancers, rappers , Audie B, australian female rapper, dancer and actor, talks about how quarantine and covid has shifted the way in which we do music, shows, concerts tours, online work and market our music and look at life after the covid pandemic

Rap, Songwriting & Studio Inspiration – Storytime Ep 4

With Audie B, by Audie B! Talking all things Rap, Songwriting, and studio inspo!!

Cruise ships and life on board with Audie B- Storytime Ep 3

At the occasion of International Seafarers day this week, Join Audie B talking about her experiences before becoming a rap artist while living on board working as a crew member & all things cruise ship life! Ask away any Q&A! Look forward to our weekly lives!

How Dance Shaped Me As An Artist- Storytime Ep 2

Chatting about how ‘Dance shaped my artistic journey & shaped me as an artist’! Ask away any
Q&A! Look forward to our weekly lives!
– Dance since a little kid – 4:12
– Competitions and challenges – 5:10
– Choreography & Dance teaching – 6:10
– Profesional dancer life & keeping fit – 8:00
– Dance in my Rap – From dance to Rap – 9:20
– Goals – setting your goals – 11:30
– The weight issue Too thin/Too big 12:00
– Its what you give on stage – Presence on stage – 13:30
– Working for free / exposure? 16:00

Who’s Audie B ? – Storytime Ep 1

The first episode of Audie B Storytimes is about Audie B & her artistic journey whether it be through dance, working on cruise ships, or to being a rap artist full time!

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